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You Tired, or Just Dehydrated?

Discover WET: your ultimate hydration companion for every occasion - all in one box.

Feeling dehydrated? 🥵 Crush Watermelon Lemon Lime. 
Feeling tired? 😴 Sip Melon Berry.
Need an immunity boost?💪Try Orange Mango Turmeric. 
Need some outdoors time? ☀️ Enjoy Peach Pineapple. 

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Optimize your entire day with our Variety Pack.

Unlock Your Best Hydrated Self

The Variety Pack blew my mind. It had all the drinks I could ever dream of, each with its own unique taste and benefits. From the energizing Melon Berry to the tropical Orange Mango Ginger Turmeric, it was a flavor explosion in every sip!


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The Variety Pack totally rocked my world. It came with an epic lineup of drinks that I never knew I needed but now can't live without. From the refreshing Watermelon Lemon Lime Electrolytes to the peachy paradise of Peach Pineapple Aloe Vera, it was hydration heaven. Way to go, Wet Hydration!


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Holy moly! The Variety Pack completely changed my hydration game. It introduced me to a whole new level of deliciousness in every drink. From the invigorating burst of Melon Berry to the revitalizing blend of Orange Mango Ginger Turmeric, it was a taste journey like no other. You guys nailed it!


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Anytime, Everyday Hydration


Experience superior hydration

Stay stocked with all your favorite flavors, hassle-free

Each drink is designed with functional benefits

One drink for all parts of the day

No more feeling dehydrated, thanks to Wet Hydration

Refreshing Flavors

Clean Ingredients


Energy Infused

Fast Delivery

Rehydrate Faster

Sugar Free

Zero Calories

Top Notch

150+ Trusted Reviews

Variety Pack
Receive a well-balanced assortment of all four delectable beverages that boost hydration, conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Our variety pack includes three cans each of our Melon Berry 90mg of Caffeine Vitamin B, Orange Mango Ginger Turmeric, Watermelon Lemon Lime Electrolytes, and Peach Pineapple Aloe Vera Vitamin D.

Clean Ingredients


Zero Calories

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Incredible Convenience The Variety Pack offers unbeatable convenience, with its generous 3, 12 fl oz size and all-in-one packaging that eliminates the need to purchase multiple packs. Upgrade to a hassle-free hydration experience today!

Incredible Quality The Variety Pack guarantees top-notch quality, delivering exceptional results with its carefully crafted selection of drinks. Elevate your hydration routine with this premium assortment.

Incredible Value The Variety Pack provides unmatched value, offering a variety of hydrating options in one convenient package while saving you money and decluttering your refrigerator. Don't miss out on this amazing deal!

What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Are Saying

Treat Yourself to a Hydrated, Happier You.


"I've been drinking Wet Hydration for a couple months now and the effects are great. Finally there is a Hydration drink that actually keeps you hydrated throughout your day. Try out the Orange Mango flavor and you can thank me later. Definitely worth trying if you haven't already."



"I’m gonna be honest, when I first saw the price of this product, I was a little bit hesitant to buy. After a friend purchased these and swore by them, I said “alright, I’ll give it a try.” One word: WOW! I am always looking to find healthy low sugar, low calorie water replacements. This thing beats everything. No cals, no sugar, and after researching the ingredients, it’s all natural — none of those additives or chemicals. You get what you pay for and this is a premium beverage. I love all three flavors, and I love fueling my body with something healthy."



"I was skeptical at first when I saw 0 calories and 0 sugars, but once I popped open the bottle--the taste was absolutely delicious. Reading the ingredients, my first thought was no way there's 0 sugar. But, there is! Sweetened by Monk fruit and blended perfectly, this is truly the most hydrating, clean beverage in the marketplace. I will be telling all my friends and place many reorders. I am all in on Wet Hydration!"



Our dedicated team is here around the clock to help you with any questions or concerns about Wet Hydration. Don't hesitate to contact us at for prompt and accurate support.

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